Aquaman Star Jason Momoa Teases Uncertain Future in DC Universe

News - 16 December 2023

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is just around the corner, but Jason Momoa, who plays the title character, hints that this could potentially be his final appearance as Aquaman. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Momoa expressed uncertainty about his future as the underwater superhero. “It doesn't look good,” he admitted.

“I don't necessarily want this to be the end… [but] I don't think it's really a choice.”Momoa's comments suggest that there may be plans to reboot the DC universe, spearheaded by DC boss James Gunn. A reboot would mean a fresh start for the DC films, potentially leaving no room for Momoa to reprise his role as Aquaman.

“The truth is, if the audience loves it, there's an opportunity,” Momoa noted. “So I mean, it just comes down to whether people like it.”Despite the uncertainty surrounding his future as Aquaman, Momoa remains open to continuing his journey with DC.

Rumors have been circulating that he may take on the role of Lobo, a character he has expressed interest in portraying. However, before any new projects come to fruition, fans can catch Momoa in action as Arthur Curry, the king of Atlantis, in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.Directed by James Wann, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is set to hit Dutch theaters on Thursday, December 21.

The highly anticipated sequel promises to delve deeper into the underwater realm of Atlantis, with Momoa reprising his role as the iconic superhero. As audiences prepare to dive back into the world of Aquaman, the fate of Momoa's future in the DC universe remains uncertain.While Momoa's comments may suggest that his time as Aquaman could be coming to an end, fans can still hold out hope for the possibility of more adventures with the charismatic actor.

The success of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom could potentially open doors for Momoa to continue his journey as the underwater hero. Ultimately, the decision will come down to audience reception and the direction that DC chooses to take with their cinematic universe.As fans eagerly await the release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the film's potential to captivate audiences and pave the way for Momoa's future in the DC universe remains a topic of speculation.

Whether this marks the end of Momoa's tenure as Aquaman or the beginning of a new chapter in his superhero journey, one thing is certain - the Lost Kingdom holds many secrets waiting to be uncovered.