"Best. Christmas. Ever!" Could Soar to Top of Netflix Top 10, Despite Mixed Reviews

News - 19 November 2023

With "The Killer" standing as the only film ahead of it, the most recent Netflix Original has a chance to soar to the top of the Netflix Top 10. "Best. Christmas.

Ever!" claims the first-place spot, a romantic comedy directed by Mary Lambert, known for her work on "Pet Sematary" in 1989. The film is described by Netflix as "sentimental, feel-good," and "perfect for the whole family." Featuring Heather Graham, Brandy Norwood, and Jason Biggs in prominent roles, "Best.

Christmas. Ever!" appears to have all the ingredients for a heartwarming holiday tale.Despite its first-place ranking, "Best.

Christmas. Ever!" seems to lack the critical acclaim one might expect. The film currently holds a 40 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer, based on ten reviews.

The audience score is even lower, sitting at a dismal 16 percent. Film critic Dirk Sung from FilmTotaal gave the movie a mere 1.5 stars, criticizing its lackluster execution.

Sung's review includes a harsh assessment, stating: "At one point, one of the characters blesses us with the wisdom: 'Everyone makes mistakes, that's why there are erasers at the end of pencils.' For 'Best. Christmas.

Ever.,' director Mary Lambert needs a very large eraser."For those interested in forming their own opinion of "Best.

Christmas. Ever!," the film is currently available for viewing on Netflix. The plot follows Charlotte as a twist of fate brings their families together for Christmas, prompting her to investigate whether her friend Jackie's seemingly perfect life is too good to be true.

Despite its lackluster critical reception, "Best. Christmas. Ever!" may still find an audience among viewers seeking a cozy holiday film to enjoy with loved ones.

Its themes of family, friendship, and the magic of Christmas could resonate with audiences looking for a heartwarming escape. Whether it will maintain its top spot in the Netflix Top 10 remains to be seen, as viewer opinions may differ from critical reviews.As Christmas approaches, many audiences turn to holiday-themed films to get into the festive spirit.

"Best. Christmas. Ever!" joins a long list of seasonal movies vying for viewers' attention, each offering its own take on the joy and magic of the holidays.

From classic favorites like "It's a Wonderful Life" to modern hits like "Elf," the genre of Christmas movies continues to captivate audiences year after year.In recent years, streaming platforms like Netflix have become popular destinations for holiday movie marathons. With a wide selection of festive films available at the click of a button, viewers can easily find the perfect movie to get into the holiday spirit.

"Best. Christmas. Ever!" adds to Netflix's growing collection of holiday content, offering viewers a new option to enjoy during the festive season.

The success of holiday movies often stems from their ability to evoke feelings of nostalgia and warmth in viewers. Whether through heartwarming family reunions, romantic gestures, or festive decorations, these films have a way of capturing the magic of the season. "Best.

Christmas. Ever!" aims to tap into these emotions, providing a light-hearted and entertaining story for audiences to enjoy.As the holiday season progresses, audiences will continue to seek out festive films to watch with loved ones.

Whether it's a classic like "A Christmas Carol" or a modern rom-com like "Love Actually," there is no shortage of options to choose from. "Best. Christmas.

Ever!" offers a new addition to the holiday movie lineup, giving viewers a fresh take on the timeless themes of love, family, and holiday cheer.In Conclusion, "Best. Christmas.

Ever!" may not have won over critics with its execution, but it still holds the top spot on the Netflix Top 10. As audiences flock to holiday-themed content during this festive season, the film's heartwarming themes and star-studded cast may be enough to capture the hearts of viewers looking for a feel-good holiday movie. Whether it will become a holiday classic remains to be seen, but for now, "Best.

Christmas. Ever!" has secured its place as a contender for the ultimate Christmas movie experience on Netflix.