Bond Franchise Icon Pierce Brosnan Reflects on Unexpected Replacement by Daniel Craig and Appreciates New Direction

News - 14 November 2023

Pierce Brosnan, the iconic face of the James Bond franchise for four films, found himself unexpectedly replaced by Daniel Craig, the fifth actor to portray the legendary spy. Despite initial resentment over his departure, Brosnan eventually came to admire and appreciate Craig's take on the character, acknowledging that Craig did certain things better than him.Brosnan had always taken pride in his role as James Bond, but the sudden news of his replacement came as a shock.

The actor revealed that there were discussions about a fifth Bond film, only for the decision to go in a different direction to be made. Brosnan described the situation as a "total change of direction" and admitted that it was a difficult time for him. The creators of the franchise wanted to modernize Bond, leading to a complete overhaul in the films once Daniel Craig assumed the role.

Despite his initial disappointment, Brosnan was intrigued to see how Craig would bring a fresh perspective to the character. Upon watching Craig's Bond films, Brosnan was impressed by the physicality and presence that Craig brought to the role. He expressed his admiration for Craig, stating, "I have the utmost admiration for Daniel Craig and what he did.

The physical presence he brought to the role was monumental."While Brosnan enjoyed watching all of Craig's Bond films, he singled out "Skyfall" as his personal favorite. In addition to praising Craig's performance, Brosnan also jokingly remarked that Craig excelled at doing stunts, something that Brosnan himself struggled with due to his fear of heights, water, and other challenges.

Despite his initial hesitations and feelings of resentment, Brosnan ultimately came to appreciate and respect Daniel Craig's portrayal of James Bond. The unexpected change in direction for the franchise allowed for a new vision and interpretation of the iconic character, with Craig bringing his own distinct style and physicality to the role. As Brosnan reflected on his time as Bond and watched Craig take on the mantle, he found a new level of admiration for his fellow actor's portrayal of the legendary spy.