Box Office Battle: Napoleon vs Wish - Ridley Scott's historical epic faces off against Disney's animated film as they compete for holiday weekend viewership.

News - 23 November 2023

The comparison between the two films, Napoleon and Wish, may not be straightforward, but they are both vying for attention at the box office. Ridley Scott's historical film, Napoleon, is in competition with the Disney animated film, Wish, for audience approval. Both films have recently premiered and are competing for viewers' attention during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in the United States.

Despite being in different genres, Napoleon and Wish have both had successful previews leading up to their release dates. Napoleon, directed by Ridley Scott, has received positive feedback from audiences, earning $3 million in previews. On the other hand, Wish has garnered $2.

3 million in previews. However, it is anticipated that Wish, with its appeal as a Disney film celebrating the studio's centenary, will surpass Napoleon in box office earnings after its opening weekend. Projections estimate that Wish could potentially earn $35 million during its first weekend, while Napoleon is expected to bring in $16 million.

It is worth noting that the release strategy for both films in the United States has been adjusted due to the Thanksgiving holiday, resulting in an extended five-day weekend from Wednesday to Sunday. During this period, it is predicted that Wish could generate between $45 and $50 million, while Napoleon is projected to earn $22 million.Overall, both films are aiming to attract audiences and capitalize on the holiday weekend to maximize their box office earnings.

While Napoleon may have had a stronger start in previews, the popularity and nostalgia associated with Disney's Wish are expected to propel it to higher earnings in the long run. As the competition between the two films continues, it will be interesting to see how audiences respond and which film ultimately emerges as the box office winner.