Cameron Monaghan Joins Star-Studded Cast of Disney's Tron: Ares, Sharing Screen with Jared Leto and Sarah Desjardins

News - 14 July 2023

Cameron Monaghan, known for his role as the Joker in Gotham and the Yellowjackets series, has recently joined the cast of Disney's upcoming film, Tron: Ares. Interestingly, Monaghan will be sharing the screen with Jared Leto, who famously portrayed the Joker in Suicide Squad. Alongside Monaghan, Sarah Desjardins has also been announced as part of the cast, joining established actors such as Evan Peters, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Greta Lee.

The Tron franchise has a rich history, dating back to the original film released in 1982. The first Tron movie featured Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, a video game designer who gets transported into a digital world of his own creation. He teams up with a program named Tron, portrayed by Bruce Boxleitner, to navigate through the challenges within the virtual realm.

The 2010 sequel, Tron: Legacy, directed by Joseph Kosinski, received acclaim for its stunning visual effects and memorable soundtrack.The upcoming installment, Tron: Ares, will delve into the story of Ares, a sentient program that makes the leap from the digital realm to the real world. Leto will take on the role of the human incarnation of Ares, setting the stage for an intriguing narrative.

While Monaghan and Desjardins' characters have yet to be revealed, the anticipation for their roles is building among fans of the franchise.Directed by Joachim Rønning and written by Jesse Wigutow and Jack Thorne, Tron: Ares promises to deliver a fresh perspective on the beloved sci-fi series. The production, spearheaded by producers Emma Ludbrook, Jeffrey Springer, and Jared Leto, is set to commence filming in Vancouver in August.

However, the possibility of an actors' strike looms over the project, potentially causing disruptions in the filming schedule.Overall, the addition of Cameron Monaghan and Sarah Desjardins to the cast of Tron: Ares has generated excitement within the entertainment industry. Their inclusion, alongside established actors like Leto and Peters, hints at a promising on-screen ensemble.

As the production gears up to bring the futuristic world of Tron to life once again, fans eagerly await further updates on the film's development. Stay tuned for more news and insights on this highly anticipated cinematic venture.