Different Endings: The Evolution of I Am Legend from Book to Film

News - 25 December 2023

Film adaptations based on books are quite common in the entertainment industry. One such example is the 2007 film I Am Legend starring Will Smith, which is the third adaptation of the 1954 book of the same name by Richard Matheson. Previous adaptations include The Last Man on Earth (1964) and The Omega Man (1971).

However, the most recent version of I Am Legend has a completely different ending compared to the original book, giving the story a unique twist.Directed by Francis Lawrence, known for his work on the Hunger Games films, I Am Legend follows the story of Robert Neville, portrayed by Will Smith, who tries to find a cure for a deadly plague that has wiped out most of humanity. His only companions are his family, who succumb to the infection early on in the film.

As Neville conducts experiments on infected individuals to find a cure, he encounters a woman named Anna and her son, who claim to be immune to the virus. Together, they navigate the post-apocalyptic world, with Neville ultimately sacrificing himself to save Anna and her son.In contrast, the book follows a similar premise with Neville as the protagonist, struggling to survive in a world overrun by vampires.

The novel explores Neville's isolation and desperation as he battles the infected, ultimately leading to his demise at the hands of the surviving vampires who view him as a threat. In the book, Neville becomes a legend among the vampires, mirroring the mythical status vampires have held in human society.The film also features an alternative ending where Neville, Anna, and her son escape to Vermont after a confrontation with the infected leader.

This ending sets the stage for a potential sequel, with Will Smith rumored to reprise his role as Neville alongside Michael B. Jordan. While details about the sequel remain unknown, fans of the franchise can enjoy the original film on streaming platforms like Netflix or purchase it on Prime Video and Pathé Thuis.

In Conclusion, I Am Legend stands out as a unique adaptation that offers a fresh take on the classic novel by Richard Matheson. With its alternative ending and potential for a sequel, the film continues to captivate audiences with its thrilling narrative and dynamic performances from its lead actors. Whether you're a fan of the book or the film, there's no denying the impact of I Am Legend on popular culture and the enduring legacy of its iconic characters.