Dutch Cinemas Set to Premiere Highly Anticipated Superhero Film "The Flash" after 5-Year Delay

News - 8 June 2023

In just seven days, Dutch cinemas will finally be able to showcase the highly anticipated superhero film, The Flash. Originally scheduled for release in 2018, the movie faced numerous obstacles behind the scenes, leading to a significant delay of five years. Now, under the direction of Andy Muschietti, the film is on the brink of its debut and the first full reviews have emerged online.

As of now, Rotten Tomatoes has amassed a total of 63 reviews with an average score of 73 percent on the Tomatometer and an average rating of 6.30 out of 10. While there was initial buzz surrounding the film following early press screenings, the complete reviews indicate that The Flash may not be hailed as "one of the best superhero films in recent memory.

"Individually, however, critics have highlighted the strengths of Muschietti's rendition of The Flash. Kate Erbland from IndieWire notes, "Viewed separately from the film series, this film by Andy Muschietti has a lot to offer. The film regularly shows flashes of brilliance that make it a lot better than most of the existing DC Universe films.

" Despite this positive sentiment, a consensus seems to be forming that The Flash falls short of being labeled as the best in the genre.Nevertheless, there are standout reviews that praise the film. Charlotte O'Sullivan of the London Evening Standard asserts, "This is one of the best superhero films of the 21st century so far.

Sit back and enjoy flashes of greatness." Rolling Stone's David Fear echoes this sentiment, proclaiming, "The Flash is by far the best film to come out of this modern, post-Nolan Warner Bros./DC collaboration.

"In contrast, some critics have raised concerns about the film's use of the multiverse concept and its reliance on nostalgia to drive the narrative. Owen Gleiberman of Variety criticizes, "The Flash uses the opening multiverse to interact with the past and serves as an excuse to throw everything but the Batcave sink at the audience." Meanwhile, Matt Singer of ScreenCrush highlights the return of Michael Keaton as Batman as a saving grace for the movie.

As the countdown to the release date on June 15 approaches, the anticipation for The Flash starring Ezra Miller continues to build. With the first wave of reviews indicating a mixed reception, audiences are eager to see how the film will be received upon its official debut in Dutch cinemas. Stay tuned for more updates as The Flash prepares to make its mark in the superhero film genre.