"Emily Blunt Casts Doubt on Future of 'Edge of Tomorrow 2' Amidst Uncertainties and Busy Schedule of Tom Cruise"

News - 5 August 2023

Ever since the release of Edge of Tomorrow in 2014, fans have been eagerly anticipating a possible sequel to the popular sci-fi film starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. Despite initial talks of a sequel and the development of a script, the green light for the project has yet to be given. Progress on the sequel has been slow, in part due to Cruise's involvement in multiple Mission: Impossible films in the years following the release of Edge of Tomorrow.

During a recent appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Emily Blunt revealed that there is indeed a script for the sequel, but she expressed doubt about whether the film will actually be made. Blunt expressed her enthusiasm for the project, stating, "I would like to see a sequel. And have I read a script of it.

Yes, I have. There was one that Doug Liman showed me in passing. I would like to make the movie happen, but I don't know when and how.

Emily Blunt says she's 'so ready' for Edge of Tomorrow 2," Blunt also questioned how many Mission: Impossible films Cruise needs to make, suggesting that his busy schedule may be a hindrance to moving forward on the sequel.Despite the uncertainty surrounding Edge of Tomorrow 2, the potential for the film to happen may have increased with the lackluster performance of Mission: Impossible - Dead Reconing Part One. It is possible that the underwhelming reception of the latest Mission: Impossible installment could lead Cruise and his collaborator Christopher McQuarrie to prioritize other projects, such as Edge of Tomorrow 2.

McQuarrie has hinted at the possibility of another project, potentially Dead Reckoning Part Two, being in the works, which could impact the timeline for a potential Edge of Tomorrow sequel.As fans eagerly await news of Edge of Tomorrow 2, it remains to be seen how Cruise's busy schedule and other film projects will influence the likelihood of the sequel moving forward. Despite the challenges and uncertainties surrounding the project, Blunt's enthusiasm for reprising her role in the popular sci-fi franchise offers hope that the long-awaited sequel may eventually come to fruition.

Only time will tell whether Edge of Tomorrow 2 will become a reality, but fans can remain optimistic that the beloved characters and thrilling plotline will one day return to the big screen for another exciting adventure.