Exciting New Series on Disney+ and NPO Plus: A Review by SerieTotaal

News - 16 November 2023

The new series being added to Disney+ and NPO Plus are proving to be valuable additions to the streaming platforms. The reviewers at SerieTotaal have taken a close look at some of these new acquisitions and are sharing their thoughts on which ones stand out the most.One of the series that has caught the attention of viewers is "Carmen Curlers" on NPO Plus.

This Danish drama series tells the story of the rise of the curl set in the 1960s and explores what this meant for women at the time. Reviewer Michel Overbeek found the show reminiscent of "Mad Men" as it delves into sensitive topics of the era. Giving it a rating of 4 stars, Overbeek described the series as a "wonderful journey back in time" where both the form and content come together seamlessly.

With eight episodes that fly by in just under an hour each, Overbeek found himself eager to start watching the series again as soon as it ended.Meanwhile, "Loki" season 2 on Disney+ continues the story of the god of chaos as he navigates a world where he must bring order to the chaos he creates. Reviewer Terence Shea enjoyed aspects of the series but felt that this season could be seen as a continuation of the first season rather than a distinct new installment.

Awarding it 3 stars, Shea noted that the complexity of the storyline meant that viewers needed to pay close attention throughout to keep up with the various timelines and themes. The epic tone of the series was maintained from start to finish, making for an intense viewing experience.On NPO Plus, "Blackwater" follows two timelines in 1973 and 1991 as they delve into a double murder that occurred in a Swedish village and the subsequent investigation years later.

Reviewer Lydia van Vliet-Meeuwissen found the mystery to be unraveled at a steady pace, which she felt perhaps slowed the series down a bit. With a rating of 3 stars, she mentioned that the interconnected nature of the two timelines added depth to the storyline and kept viewers engaged as they tried to piece together the puzzle presented in each episode.Overall, these new series offer viewers a diverse range of storytelling and genres to enjoy on Disney+ and NPO Plus.

From historical drama to mystery and fantasy, each series brings something unique to the table and keeps audiences entertained and engaged. By exploring a variety of themes and timelines, these shows are sure to capture the attention of viewers and keep them coming back for more. So, grab your popcorn and settle in for a binge-watching session as you explore these exciting new additions to the streaming platforms.