Fede Alvarez Provides Update on Upcoming Alien Movie with Behind-the-Scenes Inspiration

News - 17 October 2023

Director Fede Alvarez is currently hard at work on his upcoming Alien movie, and now that the recent writers' strike has come to an end, he has provided a small update on the progress of the project. Alvarez recently shared a photo on social media showcasing the various Alien books that served as inspiration for his film. This photo includes a wide range of resources, such as books detailing the making and design of previous Alien films, as well as a collection of old Alien comics.

The director's vision for the film is set to hit theaters in 2024, with filming taking place between March and July earlier this year, just before the onset of an actors' strike.The cast of Alvarez's Alien movie is led by an ensemble of talented actors including Isabela Merced, Aileen Wu, Cailee Spaeny, David Jonsson, Archie Reneaux, and Spike Fearn. Produced by Ridley Scott and Michael Pruss, the film is said to tell a standalone story that is not directly linked to the established lore of the franchise.

In the photo shared by Alvarez, we see a selection of books that he used as reference materials for his Alien project, including titles such as "The Art of Alien: Insulation," "Aliens: The Set Photography," "Giger's Alien," "The Art of Ron Cobb," "The Making of Alien Alien Vault," "Alien: The Blueprints," "Aliens: The Original Years vol. 1," "Alien Covenant: David's Drawings," and "Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual." Alongside the photo, the director humorously quipped, "Here is my bibliography for developing my Alien film.

Did I miss something?" Alvarez's dedication to immersing himself in the world of Alien through these various source materials demonstrates his commitment to honoring the legacy of the franchise while also adding his own unique touch to the upcoming film. Fans of the Alien series can look forward to a fresh take on the iconic story when Alvarez's project hits the big screen in 2024.