Hold the Dark: Netflix's Gripping Thriller Starring Jeffrey Wright

News - 21 October 2023

Netflix has recently unveiled a slew of their own original film productions, with one of the standout thrillers being Hold the Dark starring Jeffrey Wright (known for his role in The Batman). Directed by Jeremy Saulnier, who previously brought us the underrated gem Green Room, Hold the Dark is a gripping thriller that has left audiences on the edge of their seats.Based on the novel of the same name by William Giraldi, Hold the Dark follows the story of Medora Slone (played by Riley Keough) who enlists the help of tracker Russell Core (portrayed by Jeffrey Wright) to hunt down the wolves responsible for the disappearance of three children in the remote village of Keelut, Alaska, including her own son Bailey.

Premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 12 before becoming available exclusively on Netflix, Hold the Dark has received positive reviews from critics. With a 69% score on Rotten Tomatoes based on 86 reviews, the film has been praised for its gripping atmosphere and brisk pace. Eric Kohn of Indiewire commended the film, stating that Saulnier and screenwriter Macon Blair have crafted a brutal and intense experience that keeps viewers engaged.

In addition to Jeffrey Wright, the film features a talented cast including Riley Keough, Alexander SkarsgÄrd, James Badge Dale, and Tantoo Cardinal. With unexpected twists and turns taking the story into supernatural territory, Hold the Dark offers a unique blend of action, crime, and suspense. Viewers can now stream Hold the Dark on Netflix and delve into the mysterious and thrilling world created by Saulnier and his team.

If you find yourself with questions or wanting a deeper understanding of the film after watching it, there are resources available to provide additional insights. By watching video analysis and breakdowns, viewers can gain a deeper appreciation for the story, characters, and themes explored in Hold the Dark. Dive into the world of this captivating thriller and explore the intricate layers of the narrative that have captivated audiences worldwide.