Josh Brolin Adds a Quirky Twist to Dune: Part Two with His Own Unique Version Featuring Willy Wonka, Robot Lady, and Elvis

News - 21 February 2024

Josh Brolin is gearing up for the release of Dune: Part Two and has revealed that he has written his own unique version of the beloved sci-fi classic. In a recent social media post, Brolin shared some details of his version, which includes unexpected roles for characters such as Willy Wonka, Robot Lady, and even Elvis.In his quirky retelling of the Dune story, Brolin paints a comical picture of the characters and their interactions.

He describes a plot in which Robot Lady and Wonka fall in love, while Elvis attempts to mend the chaos created by his evil father, who ominously floats in a pool of pond foam. The story takes a further twist when Dave Bautista's WWE character from Guardians of the Galaxy becomes enraged as the Midsomer babe sets her sights on Wonka Obi Wan, following his mother's psychedelic indiscretion.Despite the humorous and outlandish nature of his reimagining, Brolin is clearly excited about the upcoming release of Dune: Part Two and the opportunity to share his version with audiences.

He emphasizes the importance of experiencing the film on the big screen, particularly in IMAX, after a challenging period marked by the pandemic and industry strikes."The pandemic is behind us and the disruptions have passed. It's time for us to come together and immerse ourselves in the magic of cinema once again," Brolin wrote.

"Who wouldn't want to see Robot Lady and Wonka's love story unfold in all its glory on the big screen? It's a fantastic feeling that we can now enjoy together."Brolin's creative interpretation of Dune offers a fresh and playful take on the classic tale, injecting humor and unexpected twists into the familiar narrative. By incorporating iconic characters like Willy Wonka and Elvis into his version, he adds an element of whimsy and surprise that promises to delight audiences.

As Dune: Part Two's release date approaches, fans eagerly anticipate the continuation of the epic saga and the new twists and turns that Brolin's imaginative retelling may bring. With his passion for the project evident in his every word, Brolin's version of Dune is sure to entertain and enchant audiences in a whole new way.