Martin Scorsese Endorses Ari Aster's "Midsommar" as a Must-Watch Horror Film

News - 21 October 2023

As Martin Scorsese approaches his 81st birthday next month, the renowned director shows no signs of slowing down. When he's not busy working on his own projects, he enjoys indulging in his love for cinema by watching movies. In a recent recommendation, Scorsese has highlighted a horror film that he believes is a must-watch for all movie enthusiasts.

The movie in question is "Midsommar," a 2019 release from filmmaker Ari Aster. After receiving critical acclaim for his previous work, "Hereditary," Aster's follow-up project was highly anticipated by fans. Starring Florence Pugh in the lead role of Dani, alongside Jack Reynor as Christian, "Midsommar" follows the tumultuous relationship between the two characters.

Following a tragic event in Dani's family, the couple embarks on a holiday trip with friends to a unique midsummer festival in a remote Swedish village.Despite initial reluctance on Dani's part, the group soon finds themselves entangled in a series of disturbing events during the festival. The film received positive reviews upon its release, scoring a commendable 7.

1 on IMDb and an impressive 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, earning it the 'certified fresh' designation. While general audiences may have been slightly less enthusiastic with a 63% rating, Scorsese was thoroughly impressed by Aster's work.In his praise for "Midsommar," Scorsese remarked, "The film is just as good, if not better, than 'Hereditary.

' The focus on the characters' emotions lends an unsettling realism to the narrative that will leave viewers feeling uncomfortable." He went on to applaud the film for its memorable images and gripping scenes, particularly during the conclusion, suggesting that the movie is bound to linger in the minds of viewers long after the credits roll.For those eager to experience "Midsommar" for themselves, the film is available for streaming on platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, and Pathé Thuis.

This recommendation from Scorsese comes on the heels of his earlier endorsement of the horror film "Pearl," a testament to his diverse taste in cinema.As a highly esteemed figure in the film industry, Scorsese's recommendations carry weight and credibility among movie buffs worldwide. With a career spanning decades and a portfolio of critically acclaimed works to his name, his endorsement of "Midsommar" serves as validation of the film's quality and impact.

For audiences seeking a haunting and thought-provoking cinematic experience, Aster's horror masterpiece comes highly recommended by none other than Martin Scorsese himself.