Potential Collaboration Between Tom Cruise and Director Guillermo del Toro Still Unfulfilled, But Fans Remain Hopeful

News - 9 October 2023

Tom Cruise and director Guillermo del Toro have yet to collaborate on a project, despite their best efforts. They have worked on developing several films together, but none have come to fruition just yet. One of the most well-known projects that the two almost worked on together is Del Toro's dream film adaptation of H.

P. Lovecraft's book At the Mountains of Madness. Another project that Cruise almost starred in was Pacific Rim, a film about humans piloting giant robots to battle monsters from the ocean depths.

During a Q&A session celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Pacific Rim, Del Toro revealed that Cruise was initially considered for the role of Stacker Pentecost, which was ultimately played by Idris Elba. Del Toro explained that Cruise was interested in the role, but due to his busy schedule with films like Oblivion and Edge of Tomorrow, a deal couldn't be reached. This led to the casting of Idris Elba in the role, and the film went on to gross $411 million worldwide.

Del Toro shared that Pacific Rim was inspired by films like Hoosiers and Top Gun, with the role intended for Cruise drawing from the latter film. Despite not being able to work together on Pacific Rim, Del Toro expressed that he had a good time discussing the project with Cruise. Looking back on their missed opportunities, it is clear that Cruise and del Toro have a mutual respect for each other's work.

Both are highly regarded in their respective fields of acting and directing, and fans are eager to see them finally collaborate on a project in the future.While their collaboration on Pacific Rim didn't come to pass, there is still hope for a future project bringing Cruise and del Toro together. The potential for a successful partnership between these two Hollywood heavyweights is undeniable, and fans eagerly await the day when they can see these two talented individuals working together on the big screen.