Prime Video's Top Film Picks: A Closer Look at Three Must-See Movies on the Platform

News - 12 July 2023

Amazon's streaming service, Prime Video, boasts an impressive catalog of top films for viewers to enjoy. FilmTotaal recently took a closer look at the offerings available on the platform and has handpicked three standout movie recommendations for audiences to consider.First up is "Bones and All" (2022), directed by Luca Guadagnino and starring Taylor Russell, Timothée Chalamet, and Mark Rylance, among others.

The film follows the story of eighteen-year-old Maren, who has a relentless craving for human flesh. After a troubling incident, her father decides to leave her on her own. As she embarks on a journey across America, she encounters individuals who share her unusual appetite, including the enigmatic Sully and the young Lee.

Maren forms a close bond with Lee, leading to a complex and intimate relationship.Next on the list is "House of Gucci" (2021), directed by Ridley Scott and featuring a star-studded cast including Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, and Jared Leto. The film revolves around the true story of Patrizia Reggiani, who meets Maurizio Gucci at a social event and becomes enamored with him.

The pair eventually tie the knot and face internal power struggles within the iconic fashion house. Despite the toxic environment within the family, Reggiani proves to be a formidable force. When Gucci abruptly ends their relationship, she is driven to extreme measures to reclaim her desired lifestyle.

Lastly, "Manchester by the Sea" (2016) directed by Kenneth Lonergan and starring Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams, and Kyle Chandler, offers a poignant and heartfelt narrative. The film follows handyman Joe, who is unexpectedly named the guardian of his sixteen-year-old nephew following the tragic death of his older brother. In order to fulfill his responsibilities, Joe must return to his hometown of North Shore, where he must confront painful memories of his past, including his strained relationship with his ex-wife Randi.

These three films offer viewers a diverse range of storytelling experiences, from the dark and mysterious to the emotional and introspective. Amazon's Prime Video platform provides a convenient and accessible way for audiences to enjoy these compelling narratives from the comfort of their own homes.In "Bones and All," Luca Guadagnino creates a haunting and atmospheric world where the protagonist's unusual appetite serves as a metaphor for her search for connection and acceptance.

The film delves into themes of identity, belonging, and the complexities of human relationships. Taylor Russell delivers a captivating performance as Maren, capturing the character's inner turmoil and vulnerability with depth and nuance. Timothée Chalamet shines as the enigmatic Sully, adding a layer of intrigue and charm to the narrative.

Mark Rylance also delivers a memorable performance as Maren's father, portraying his conflicted emotions with sensitivity and gravitas."House of Gucci" offers a glimpse into the glamorous and cutthroat world of high fashion, where power struggles and betrayal lurk beneath the surface. Ridley Scott's direction brings a sense of grandeur and opulence to the screen, immersing viewers in a world of wealth and excess.

Lady Gaga delivers a powerhouse performance as Patrizia Reggiani, capturing the character's cunning and ruthlessness with flair and intensity. Adam Driver brings depth and complexity to the role of Maurizio Gucci, portraying a man torn between duty and desire. Jared Leto shines in a transformative performance as Paolo Gucci, infusing the character with eccentricity and humor.

"Manchester by the Sea" is a poignant and emotionally resonant drama that explores themes of grief, loss, and redemption. Kenneth Lonergan's screenplay is a masterful blend of dark humor and heartfelt emotion, creating a narrative that is both heartbreaking and hopeful. Casey Affleck delivers a searing and nuanced performance as Joe, capturing the character's inner turmoil and anguish with raw authenticity.

Michelle Williams shines in a brief but powerful role as Randi, bringing a sense of longing and regret to the screen. Kyle Chandler also delivers a strong performance as Joe's brother, adding complexity and depth to the family dynamics.Overall, these three films showcase the diverse range of storytelling and acting talent available on Amazon's Prime Video platform.

From dark and mysterious tales to emotional and introspective dramas, viewers are sure to find something to captivate and enthrall them in the streaming service's extensive catalog of top films. So grab your popcorn, settle in, and enjoy these cinematic gems from the comfort of your own home.