Renewed Controversy Surrounding 'Naked Gun' Franchise Reboot Sparks Passion from Original Creators

News - 22 December 2023

The iconic television series Police Squad, which was brought to life by the creative minds of David Zucker, Jim Abrahams, and Jerry Zucker, was renowned for its outlandish visual humor. Each episode was packed with jokes and absurdities that kept audiences laughing throughout. This successful series eventually led to the creation of the beloved 'Naked Gun' film franchise, consisting of three films all written by the talented Pat Proft.

In 2009, news broke that a direct-to-video sequel titled The Naked Gun 4: Rhythm of Evil was in the works, but to the dismay of many fans, it was moving forward without the involvement of the original creators. This decision did not sit well with the Zuckers and Proft, who were not pleased with the idea of a 'Naked Gun' film being made without their input. Fortunately, the production of The Naked Gun 4 never materialized, much to their relief.

However, the recent announcement of a reboot of the 'Naked Gun' franchise, with Liam Neeson set to star and Seth MacFarlane as producer, has reignited the displeasure of the Zuckers and Proft. Proft, in particular, feels strongly that he should have been the one to write the script for the reboot. He recalls a conversation from four years ago with a female production executive who stumbled over a joke, causing him to question whether the humor of the 'Naked Gun' series would still resonate with audiences in today's more politically correct climate.

Despite these doubts, Proft has collaborated with Zucker on a new comedy concept titled Counterintelijence (intentionally misspelled). This project was initially conceived as the premise for The Naked Gun 4 before the passing of lead actor Leslie Nielsen. The duo's enthusiasm for this new venture reflects their desire to create a fresh and innovative form of comedy that speaks to modern audiences.

As discussions around the 'Naked Gun' reboot continue, Proft remains steadfast in his belief that he should have been involved in the creative process. His passion for the franchise and his desire to uphold its legacy are evident in his ongoing efforts to bring fresh, humorous content to the screen. While the future of the 'Naked Gun' series may be uncertain, one thing is clear – the humor and creativity of the original creators will always be cherished by fans.