Return of Guido van Driel: "When we lost to the Germans" film revisits 1974 World Cup defeat with a captivating narrative.

News - 22 September 2023

Comic artist and filmmaker Guido van Driel has returned after a four-year hiatus with his latest project, the idiosyncratic film "When we lost to the Germans." Drawing inspiration from his own youthful experiences, Van Driel has crafted a narrative set in a new housing estate in the 1970s.The story takes place in the summer of 1974, just after the Netherlands suffered a heartbreaking defeat in the world championship final against Germany.

The city is somber, with a palpable sense of disappointment lingering in the air. It is on this melancholic day that Jonas and Daan, two acquaintances who are not particularly close, cross paths. Despite their lack of friendship, they find themselves spending time together as they search for their missing classmate Karsten.

The film also delves into the mysterious disappearance of Catootje, which casts a shadow over the boys' summer. Van Driel expertly weaves together elements of comedy and tragedy, promising a visually captivating experience with a mix of light-hearted and poignant moments."When we lost to the Germans" is a film that offers something for everyone.

The trailer hints at a visually stunning work, shot in black and white to enhance the dramatic effect. Audiences can expect to be taken on a memorable cinematic journey when the film hits theaters on September 21st.Overall, Van Driel's latest project promises to be a unique and compelling exploration of youth, friendship, and loss against the backdrop of a pivotal moment in Dutch sporting history.

With its blend of humor and drama, "When we lost to the Germans" is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers.