Saltburn's Iconic Nude Dance Scene Propels Sophie Ellis-Bextor's 'Murder on the Dance Floor' to Viral Fame

News - 4 January 2024

Anyone who has recently viewed the film Saltburn on Prime Video would have undoubtedly noticed the unique and special ending it possesses. In the final scene of the movie directed by Emerald Fennel, we witness the protagonist, Barry Keoghan, dancing completely naked throughout a country house. The song that Keoghan shed his clothes for has now garnered immense popularity on platforms such as Tik Tok and Spotify.

The hit song in question is none other than the iconic pop classic "Murder on the Dance Floor" by Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Originally released in 2002, the singer achieved great success with the song in Europe, but it never quite made its mark in the United States until now.Saltburn was introduced to the Prime Video streaming service on Friday, December 22, and quickly became a sensation among viewers.

Despite the film being filled with shocking moments, the spotlight was firmly on the strange and unexpected nude dance scene that concludes the movie. By New Year's Eve 2023, Ellis-Bextor's song had been streamed over 1.5 million times on Spotify.

On the same day, Ellis-Bextor shared a video on Tik Tok where she playfully recreated the dance scene from the film, albeit fully clothed. Naturally, the viral nature of Tik Tok prompted numerous users to also create their own versions of the Saltburn dance.In a recent interview with People magazine, the singer shared her thoughts on witnessing the unique use of her song in the film: "I had no idea how my song would be featured in the movie until I actually saw it, but I think it's absolutely brilliant.

It's such a clever and comedic film, and I truly enjoyed it." Ellis-Bextor also expressed her belief that Keoghan would forever be associated with the song, jokingly stating that wherever the song is played, people will now anticipate a striptease performance from him. Despite being nominated for an Oscar the previous year for his role in "The Banshees of Inisherin," Keoghan, admittedly, was nervous about filming the memorable dance scene.

Not due to the prospect of stripping down, but because of the intricate dance moves he had to execute. In the end, the actor had to perform the dance routine a total of 11 times before getting the perfect shot captured on film.Overall, the unexpected and humorous use of "Murder on the Dance Floor" in Saltburn has propelled the song to newfound fame and introduced it to a whole new audience.

Ellis-Bextor's playful embrace of the film's viral success further solidifies the unique connection between the movie and the song. As we head into 2024, it seems that the legacy of both Saltburn and "Murder on the Dance Floor" will continue to entertain and captivate audiences for years to come. In Conclusion, the viral reputation and lasting impact of Saltburn's special ending serve as a testament to the power of music and film in creating memorable and engaging experiences for viewers.

The unexpected fusion of a catchy pop tune with a daring and comical scene has sparked widespread interest and discussion, resonating with audiences worldwide. It goes to show that sometimes, it's the unexpected and unconventional moments in entertainment that truly leave a lasting impression.