The Flash Struggles at the Box Office Despite High Budget and Promotional Campaign

News - 26 June 2023

The superhero film The Flash is experiencing a downward spiral at the box office, despite its substantial budget of around $220 million and a costly promotional campaign. Following its lackluster debut weekend of $55.0 million, the movie saw a staggering 72.

3% drop in revenue in its second weekend, bringing in only $15.3 million. This decline is approaching the negative record of other underperforming superhero films such as Morbius (-73.

8%), X-Men: Dark Phoenix (-71.5%), The Suicide Squad (-71.5%), and Hellboy II: The Golden Army (-70.

7%). Earlier this year, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania saw a sharp decline in sales of 69.9% in its second weekend, but The Flash has fared slightly better in comparison.

As a result of its plummeting sales, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse reclaimed the top spot on the North American Box Office Top 10, raking in an impressive $19.3 million. Elemental held on to the second position with a 37.

6% decrease in revenue compared to its debut weekend the previous week. The only new entry in fourth place was No Hard Feelings, a comedy starring Jennifer Lawrence, which earned $15.1 million, just slightly below The Flash.

Wes Anderson's film, Asteroid City, also made a significant jump from 10th to 6th place, bringing in $9 million in sales.It is important to note that production budgets for films are not always officially disclosed, and on average, about 55% of the revenue generated goes back to the film studio. The figures provided below are sourced from Box Office Mojo.

1. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse - $19,300,000 [week 4]nUS total: $317,050,646nWorldwide: $560,250,646nBudget: $100 millionnRelease NL: currently showingnn2. Elemental - $18,463,000 [week 2]nUS total: $65,514,915nWorldwide: $121,114,915nBudget: $200 millionnRelease NL: July 12nn3.

The Flash - $15,265,000 [week 2]nUS total: $87,644,000nWorldwide: $210,944,000nBudget: $200-220 millionnRelease NL: currently showingnn4. No Hard Feelings - $15,100,000 [week 1]nUS total: $15,100,000nWorldwide: $24,600,000nBudget: $45 millionnRelease NL: currently showingnn5. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts - $11,600,000 [week 3]nUS total: $122,947,711nWorldwide: $341,247,711nBudget: $200 millionnRelease NL: currently showingnn6.

Asteroid City - $9,000,000 [week 2]nUS total: $10,214,714nWorldwide: $16,693,714nBudget: $25 millionnRelease NL: Thursdaynn7. The Little Mermaid - $8,674,000 [week 5]nUS total: $270,241,764nWorldwide: $499,341,764nBudget: $250 millionnRelease NL: currently showingnn8. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

3 - $3,518,000 [week 8]nUS total: $351,122,883nWorldwide: $827,914,739nBudget: $250 millionnRelease NL: currently showingnn9. The Blackening - $3,025,000 [week 2]nUS total: $12,266,705nWorldwide: $12,266,705nBudget: $5 millionnRelease NL: unknownnn10. The Boogeyman - $2,541,000 [week 4]nUS total: $37,710,059nWorldwide: $56,415,343nBudget: $35 millionnRelease NL: currently showingnnDespite its impressive budget and high expectations, The Flash has struggled to maintain its box office presence, facing a significant drop in revenue in its second weekend.

As other superhero films with lackluster performances have shown, a strong debut is crucial to the overall success of a film in a crowded market. Only time will tell if The Flash can turn its fortunes around and gain momentum at the box office.