The Little Mermaid Falls Just Short of $100 Million Opening Weekend in North America, Faces Slow Start Worldwide

News - 29 May 2023

The opening weekend of The Little Mermaid was expected to reach about $100 million in North America, but it fell slightly short with $95.5 million. Despite this, it was still a decent start.

However, the worldwide start was even less impressive, bringing in only $185.8 million. This is particularly underwhelming considering the hefty production budget of $250 million.

In addition to The Little Mermaid, there were four other new films released that weekend. These included The Machine starring Mark Hamill, About My Father with Robert de Niro, Kandahar featuring Gerard Butler, and You Hurt My Feelings starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tobias Menzies. These new releases did not perform as strongly as expected, with relatively low box office numbers compared to expectations.

Looking at the current top 10 at the North American box office, the figures are as follows:1. The Little Mermaid - $95,500,000n2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

3 - $19,950,000n3. The Super Mario Bros. Movie - $6,270,000n4.

The Machine - $4,900,000n5. About My Father - $4,250,000n6. Kandahar - $2,410,000n7.

You Hurt My Feelings - $1,389,158n8. Evil Dead Rise - $1,052,000n9. Book Club: Next Chapter - $920,000nnIt's worth noting that production budgets are not always officially disclosed, with an average of 55% of the box office revenue going back to the film studio.

These numbers are sourced from Box Office Mojo.The success of The Little Mermaid is crucial for Disney, especially given its significant production costs. However, while it may not have had the explosive start initially expected, there is still room for growth as it continues its theatrical run.

With the global phenomenon of The Little Mermaid now captivating audiences worldwide, there is potential for it to surpass expectations and become a major box office success.