The Making of The Great Gatsby: Baz Luhrmann's Rainy Scene Endeavor

News - 1 July 2023

One of Baz Luhrman's most iconic films is The Great Gatsby, which is an adaptation of the beloved novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The film had a significant moment where Gatsby invites Daisy for tea, and Luhrmann wanted to capture the essence of the book by having it rain during this scene.

Many of the scenes in The Great Gatsby were filmed at Breenhold, a sprawling estate in the Blue Mountains. The owner of this estate, Tom Breen, had an interesting story to share about the filming process. It was revealed that Luhrmann had hired a "private weather guru" to predict if it would rain during the shoot.

The weatherman assured them that it would be a dry day, prompting Luhrmann to take matters into his own hands.Luhrmann went to great lengths to ensure that it would rain during the scene by purchasing 100,000 liters of water. However, as luck would have it, when it came time to film the scene, it actually started to rain for three consecutive days.

This unexpected turn of events left Luhrmann with a surplus of water that was no longer needed.The decision to create artificial rain for the scene ended up being unnecessary, as Mother Nature provided the real thing. Despite the added cost and effort, the end result was a beautifully shot scene that captured the magic of the moment.

The Great Gatsby is known for its extravagant visuals and attention to detail, and this behind-the-scenes story only adds to the legend of the film. Luhrmann's commitment to bringing the book to life in a faithful and authentic way is evident in the lengths he went to in order to recreate the rainy scene.The film's success can be attributed to many factors, including the talented cast, stunning visuals, and the director's dedication to staying true to the source material.

The Great Gatsby remains a timeless classic that continues to captivate audiences around the world.In Conclusion, Baz Luhrmann's decision to create artificial rain for a key scene in The Great Gatsby may have been unnecessary in the end, but it is a testament to his commitment to his craft. The unexpected twist of actual rain during filming added an extra layer of authenticity to the scene, making it all the more memorable for audiences.

The Great Gatsby will forever be remembered as a cinematic masterpiece that brought to life the lavish and tragic world of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel.