The Rise of Jason Statham: From Model to Action Hero

News - 29 September 2023

Jason Statham has risen to stardom as an action hero in popular film series like The Transporter, Fast & Furious, and The Expendables. However, before his acting career took off, he started out as a model. It was his role in Guy Ritchie's film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels that marked his transition into acting.

Statham's early years were spent practicing Chinese martial arts, kickboxing, and karate while working at local market stalls. He also excelled in sports, being a footballer and diver. In fact, he was part of the British national diving team and even competed for England in the Commonwealth Games in 1990.

After his time on the diving team, Statham caught the eye of several clothing brands who offered him opportunities to model for their advertising campaigns. In addition to modeling, he made ends meet by selling jewelry on busy street corners, where he honed his skills in salesmanship. Statham's unique talents were eventually discovered by director Guy Ritchie, who saw his potential and cast him in the role of Bacon in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels follows the story of Eddy, who convinces his friends to participate in a high-stakes poker game against a dangerous local gangster named Hatchet Harry. When Eddy loses, Harry demands that he repay £500,000 within a week. Statham's character Bacon is one of Eddy's friends, played by Jason Flemying.

This film marked the beginning of a successful collaboration between Statham and Ritchie, who went on to work together on several more projects including Snatch, Revolver, Wrath of Man, and Operation Fortune.Statham's next venture is the highly anticipated Expend4bles, where he reprises his role as Lee Christmas for the fourth time. In this installment, he seems to be taking on a more prominent role, alongside newcomers like Megan Fox and 50 Cent.

Fans can expect several previews of Expend4bles starting from September 28, with the official release in theaters on October 5.From his humble beginnings as a model and street vendor, Jason Statham has carved out a successful acting career in the action genre. His collaborations with Guy Ritchie have been particularly fruitful, propelling him to stardom and establishing him as a leading figure in the film industry.

With his upcoming role in Expend4bles, Statham continues to showcase his skills as an action hero, thrilling audiences with his on-screen performances.