Top Picks: Netflix and SkyShowTime Series Reviewed by SerieTotaal Critics

News - 30 November 2023

The past week has been a great one for subscribers of Netflix and SkyShowTime, as both streaming platforms offered a variety of strong series for viewers to indulge in. SerieTotaal reviewers took the time to watch and analyze some of the best shows available, sharing their top recommendations and insights on why these series are worth watching.Reviewer Terence Shea was particularly impressed with the Netflix animated series, "Scott Pilgrim Takes Off.

" He appreciated the fresh new story that still maintained its connection to previous works. Despite the overwhelming visual style that sometimes overshadowed the plot, Shea awarded the series with a solid 4-star rating. He noted, "This series stays true to the essence of Scott Pilgrim, with references to old video games, nods to past works, and a great soundtrack.

The character Envy Adams may have a different personality compared to the film, but it fits perfectly with the series' unique style."On the other hand, the Spanish series "Fleeting Lies" on SkyShowTime tackled the heavy theme of job loss with a light-hearted approach. Despite the commendable portrayal of a strong woman in crisis by Lydia van Vliet-Meeuwissen, the series fell short in depth according to the reviewer.

Van Vliet-Meeuwissen awarded the series with 3 stars, commenting, "Certain topics could have been dramatized to create more tension, but the level of seriousness is so low that it sometimes feels like the creators are poking fun at the situations faced by the main character, LucĂ­a."The Danish series "En Helt Vanlig Familj" on Netflix presented a dilemma for reviewer Terence Shea, who found it difficult to classify it as either a family drama or a murder mystery. The important theme of perpetrators and victims of sexual assault was at times overshadowed by unnecessary information, leading to a 3-star rating.

Shea observed, "It seems that 'En Helt Vanlig Familj' may lean towards being a family drama, but the inclusion of a murder subplot seems to have been added to attract more viewers. The constant use of dark, ominous sounds adds to the mystery vibe of the series."In addition to these series, there are other gems waiting to be discovered by viewers on Netflix and SkyShowTime.

The diverse range of content available on these platforms ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy, from thrilling mysteries to heartwarming family dramas. So grab your popcorn, get comfortable on the couch, and delve into the captivating world of television series that await you.